Our Story

It started with a problem. A real big one. Where the fudge are my headphones?
Jump in the DeLorean back a few years to when Josh Shires was an Engineering student at University. Throughout long-nights studying & the trials of Uni life, the one thing that kept Josh going was his music...that is when he actually had something to listen to it on. He always found himself forgetting his headphones, getting them in a tangle or even outright losing them (he went through 9 pairs in his first year of Uni alone!) That's when Josh hit upon an idea; what if his headphones were always attached to his phone, ensuring he'd never lose them again?
Taking matters into his own hands, Josh started brain-storming ideas, eventually 3D-printing an early version of Mous Musicase, a solution to his frustrations. After being harassed by all his friends to make them a case too, he realised that he had a product that other people needed too.
Josh teamed up with James Griffith & James Day (a.k.a JG & JD!) and took to the streets of London to further develop the idea and take on the phone case market. With the positive responses they got, the team chucked in their jobs and moved into a cabin 'up north’ in preparation for launching Mous Musicase to the public.
Team Mous kicked down doors, pestered Editors and broke into press offices across London to build up a successful Kickstarter campaign, making the Metro Newspaper, The Lad Bible & others in the process.

Musicase has now launched in retailers across Europe - the first in a long line of innovative, fashionable and down-right essential products from Mous.

Mous is now moving on to launching more innovative products with design and style at the heart. 

Team Mous

:) x

P.S. Josh has lost 0 headphones since! 

Mous phone accessories brand team photo

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